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Priyadarshini Taxi Service is an initiative implemented by Susieben Shah, an entrepreneur and social activist. She is also a politician working hard towards social and economic development of the backward and poor society. Women empowerment has been Susie's mission as she believes that women are important building blocks of the society. Women, she urges, can manage a household and a profession effectively and efficiently because of their motherly and caretaking nature. They always have the interest of the family at heart because of which the money that they would earn would be spent economically towards providing a better standard of living. Susieben Shah holds various positions such as president of Stree Shakti Kendra, vice-president of Mumbai Mahila Congress, committee member of Women and Child Committee, Indian Merchant's Chamber, general secretary of Malabar Hill Citizens Forum.

Realizing the lack of women drivers in the city, Susieben Shah embarked the project of Priyadarshini Taxi Service where women who earn an income of less than Rs. 10000 are trained and employed to drive taxis. "Priyadarshini Taxi Service is born in the gullies and chawls of Mumbai. As President of Stree Shakti Kendra, I have helped implement welfare schemes of the Govt. for the poor, old and destitute men and women of Mumbai. While visiting them, I came across lots of young women, who had a twinkle in their eyes and a hunger to reach out & succeed. What they lacked was the opportunity and path / direction to realize their dreams. We took this mantle and enrolled women who wanted to enter the male dominated profession of driving taxis in Mumbai" says the founder.