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Feedback from Priyadarshini Drivers

Priyadarshini Taxi Services is dedicated to improving the economic standard of the city by believing in empowerment of women. Priyadarshini women are increasingly becoming a stand-out figure in the city due to their enthusiasm, their confidence and their zest to prove to the society that women strong and equally powerful as men. Many of the Priyadarshini women are sole bread-winners of the family and many have immensely helped to improve the financial conditions of their family. These women are mothers, wives, sisters, daughters who want to provide a better standard of living to their parents, husbands and children. Here are some of the Priyadarshini drivers who are grateful to Priyadarshini for changing their lives.


Residing at Kurla, Mumbai, Ms. Salma a single parent and has a son and 2 daughters. After working with Priyadarshini, she is happy that she can financially support herself and a family and is confident that she can give them a good education and a bright future.

In spite of her not receiving much education Salma can still fulfill the needs of her family by working sometimes at odd hours and earning a good salary. Her family includes her mother and she is also happy that she is supported by her daughter.


Widowed at a young age, Ms Sumayya has 2 daughters and is a resident of Kandivli, Mumbai. Working with Priyadarshini has helped her in overcoming the hardships she had to face after the demise of her husband. This profession has opened the doors to earning her livelihood where she comes across many kind hearted customers. Sumayya hopes to work hard in order to provide good education and a bright future to her children and be independent financially and hopes the need does not arise to go about with a begging bowl! Sumayya is also supporting her mother-in-law and mother who count on her.


Single parent with a son in the 10thstandard and daughter in the 8th, Ms Husna lives at Wadala.
Working with Priyadarshini has molded her to gain confidence, self-reliance and of course financial independence.  After finishing her daily house chores, Husna is able to work with Priyadarshini at odd hours because of the flexible timings, encouraging and understanding people and support from the family.

Being humble and polite in this profession Husna is able to get good clients through her sister’s colleagues as well as her relatives. Coming from a minority community people wonder how she is balancing her domestic work as well as her duties efficiently.  Night duties do not deter her and is confident of discharging the same.


Ms. Sangeeta is unmarried and is very happy working with Priyadarshini. In spite of not being very educated still she is able to be financially sound.  Sometimes by doing long hours of duty the income supersedes even that of the educated.  Being in this profession, Sangeeta sometime comes across good customers through which her knowledge widens. She lives with her mother who is very supportive of her profession.

Manisha Pawar

Manisha Pawar is a young driver of 23 years working with Priyadarshini. Priyadarshini has helped her to grow as well as provided her with an opportunity to earn money.  “Hats off to the promoter of Priyadarshini Mrs. Susie Shah who started this unique and novel concept for women drivers to earn their livelihood.” she says.  It is also a means of safety to the drivers as well as women passengers. Manisha also comes across helpful customers and this encourages and increases not only her knowledge but also motivates her that nothing is impossible to achieve if there is a will.  With the extra money she would like her younger brother and sister to get a good educational background and cater to the needs of the family including her father.


Jyoti is recently married and has a mother and two older brothers who are married. Jyoti enjoys her work with Priyadarshini. Although she takes home a good salary, sometimes it exceeds Rs.25,000/- . The passengers whom she ferries across always encourage her and wish the company grows up. “At times people are astonished to see a woman behind the wheels” she says. Her mother is proud of her and tells people she is proud of her driving a car and is like a son to her.

Anita Mane

Anita Mane’s has a family with three children. Before working for Priyadarshini, she was completely dependent on her husband. Becoming a part of Priyadarshini gave her the independence that she needed and the satisfaction that she could be a part of supporting her family financially. The flexibility of working hours that Priyadarshini offers their drivers helps Anita to balance her family and professional life at her convenient time. Her husband is extremely happy with her as not only does she brings in a good salary but also manages to handle her domestic chores before setting out to work. Her children are also happy with their mother being a driver.


Rashida is also a mother with two sons. Her aim in life is to provide good education to her sons and give them a secured future. By joining Priyadarshini her life has changed and she has become a confident women working hard to earn a good salary to fulfill her aim. Rashida is financially independent in spite of not being well-educated and her parents are proud of her profession. Rashida loves her job as she has gained some recognition through it.


Rajeshwari is married and has 3 daughters and lives in a joint family. Rajeshwari is very grateful to Priyadarshini as it has helped in great ways. Working with Priyadarshini has helped her in her debt issues which she has fully repaid and is now tension-free. Due to the flexible work-hours, Rajeshwari can manage her housework and also attend to her duties. Her husband as well as her family is proud of her as through Priyadarshini, Rajeshwari has accomplished all her ambitions.


Raju is a single parent with a daughter who has just appeared for the 10th standard exam and is staying in the hostel.  Raju works with Priyadarshini and is extremely hard working due to which she draws a good salary. Her job gives her great satisfaction and security because of which she strives to work hard so that she can save enough to give good education to her daughter. She is happy for choosing this profession and is grateful to Priyadarshini for giving her and opportunity to be independent. Her family also is of the same opinion.


Vandana lives in Sion with her parents. Priyadarshini supports her in every way and has given her an opportunity to be independent. She likes meeting new customers on her job. The customers also recognize the potential of Priyadarshini’s initiative and wish her the best for the future and hope this small company expands rapidly. Vandana is very happy working with Priyadarshini and wants to grow with the company.

Sushma Sr.

With four and a half years experience at the wheels, Sushma is very energetic and developed her driving skills. Prior to Priyadarshini, she was working else where but she did not get the job satisfaction. After joining Priyadarshini she is not only financially well off, but it has given her a platform where she has widened her knowledge by communicating with various passengers she comes across. She drives to Pune, Nasik and is confident with her driving and took part in the Rally for women drivers from Mumbai to Pune. Priyadarshini has helped her to fulfill her dreams. Her mother also is very happy and proud of her that she has taken the responsibility of home and her job.


Married with 4 children – 2 boys and 2 daughters. She joined Priyadarshini and says she will not leave this company as long as she works. She can manage both her home and her job as there are not too many restrictions and because of flexi timings. With a good income she can look after the needs of the family as well as educate her children and fulfill her duty as good and caring parents. Her husband also a driver is proud of her. Her children also appreciates the hard work she puts in to make both ends in.

Sushma Jr.

Unmarried and residing at Wadi Bunder. Two years with Priyadarshini Taxi Service. Enjoys her work as there are not many restrictions and flexi timings. Her family is proud of her.

Chetna Salunkhe

Done her 10th standard.. Although recently joined she is not able to make both ends meet as the business is not picking up. Her mother looks after her school going daughter. She hopes that after paying CNG charges per day as well as paying the company she is able to take home some amount.

Hasina Mulani

Completed her 9th standard. Her experience with PTS is good as it gives her the freedom and a good income as well as see different cities. With the income she is able to educate her children studying in 7th and 5th standards.

Saba Shaikh

Done her 12th. Since driving was her hobby she joined PTS.. With the income she can support her family. It also gives her the freedome she requires as per flexi timings. Respecting customers is an important aspect which all drivers should keep in mind

Sunita Salve

Studied upto 8th Std. Due to not being educated much she had to take to Driving which generates a good income whereby she can support her husband and 2 children. Now her children are in 13 & 14th standards and hopes after they graduate her financial problems will be less and have a better living.

Sahida Shaikh

Done her 10th. One year with PTS. Looks forward to a better future for educating her 4 children by putting in many hours of hard work sometimes very early in the mornings or late nights.

Mrs. Fareeda Shaikh

Done her 10th std. Recently joined PTS. Family support through joint family. Husband and she work to give their 3 children better education and facilities for a better living.

Rinku Sharma

Done - PTS is challenging and a different field for women. Hence she was thrilled to join PTS. She is hopeful that the company does financially well wherein even the members will be eligible to take a good income home. With the income she supports her tw sons. PTS is like a family and she hopes that all should work honestly and make their dreams come true of better life.

Rupa Shirsat

Studied 10th std. Driver with civil defence (Police).Through the advertisement of PTS joined it. She being the only earning member of her family has a herculean task to support her ailing parents as well as educate her 2 brothers. Hopes PTS will be an anchor and support her to overcome her problems.

Mrs. Ummatum Shaikh

Passed 8th. Earlier she was working as a domestic and the income was not sufficient to make both ends meet. Hence she oped for PTS which gave her knowledge and also how to earn her livelihood. With this income she felt she could balance her job as well as look after the house and educate her children who are in 9th, 7th and 5th. She feels that whatever problem she faces Madam is always there with a solution and hence she is grateful to PTS and hopes the company reaches great heights and supports its drivers.

Ms. Radha Shinde

Studied upto 10th. Joined recently. Likes driving , Support her parents and 1 brother. She feels if the company grows more employment opportunity for women specially from the weaker sections of society. Honesty is an important ingredient and when all work together the company will definitely flourish and thereby the drivers can also take home better pay-packet.

Ms Haytummisha Sayed

Done her 10th std. Likes driving and hence joined PTS. Has to support her parents and 2 brothers who are schooling. Only earning member. Finds it difficult to make both ends meet. If she is not working she has to somtimes mortgage her gold. Hopes that PTS will support them to tide over their problems and wishes the best for PTS in future.

All these women are true faces of the future of women in this fast growing economic society. Being with Priyadarshini has transformed their lives and made them independent and self-reliant. It has also given them a secure future through which they can support their families and provide good education to their children. Priyadarshini has helped them realize their potentials and serves a channel through which women can empower themselves. All these women thank Priyadarshini with all their hearts for making their dreams come true.