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Of course we’re women drivers, but also:

Safety for women: India is a growing tourism hub. But unfortunately, there is also a steady rise in the levels of harassment and eve teasing of women tourists, who are more vulnerable to this social evil. Priyadarshini Taxi Service has emerged as safer and more suitable alternative for these women tourists. Surely our Priyadarshini Drivers are true depiction of “Atithi Devo Bhava!”

Our service is essentially a women oriented service.  Our services are also used by Call rates, Travel Agents, Hotels, etc. for their Women employees and customers, who feel more comfortable if the taxi is driven by a Woman! Our service assures them with the much needed safety, security and comfort.

Driven by women: Taxi driving is predominately a male-oriented vocation. Through Priyadarshini Taxi Services women enter into this field and become the bread-winners of their family and gain an opportunity to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with men. The women we recruit have been thoroughly interviewed along with their family as without the support of the family, a woman cannot succeed in any field. These women undergo intense training with a minimum of two hours of driving every day.

Available 24/7: You can book a taxi anytime of the day by calling or booking online. Our call centres are open 24/7 where you can give your suggestions, feedback, report any lost and found items etc. We remain open during strikes and holidays.

GPS enabled cabs: Each one of our taxi is fitted with a GPS system for door-to-door service. 

Priyadarshini Taxi Service training institute: The women are trained in our institute where each participant learns to drive a car with skill and confidence, preventive maintenance of cars, acquire knowledge on places of tourist attractions in Mumbai. The training also imparts communications skills, self-defence techniques, basic accounting principles and first-aid to handle emergencies. Participants also under take yoga and meditation sessions to learn how to cope with stress. They are also trained in etiquette, manners and cleanliness so that you have a truly pleasant experience. The aim of the comprehensive training programme is to ensure that the participants come out more confident, empowered and smart- ready to face the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Round the city and tourist spots: Our drivers well-informed about the various tourist spots and attractions of Mumbai. They are also well-versed with the roads of Mumbai and can drop you at your desired destination without trouble.

Thus, Priyadarshini Taxi Service is a whole-heartedly women empowering initiative where a group of 50 women (employees, drivers, trainers) work towards women empowerment, breaking the myth ‘women can’t drive properly’!