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Priyadarshini Taxi Service commenced their operations, in the year 2008. Priyadarshini Taxi Services is an innovative project and an inspiring service provided by women. It is a women oriented service where taxis are driven by women who have been trained by us in efficient driving. It is an active initiative taken to empower women from economically backward class and minorities from weaker sections of the society. It provides opportunities for the success-hungry, forward minded women and brings them equally in power with men.
Our focus is those women whose family income is less than Rs.10, 000/- p.m. With each application we receive, we conduct interviews with the candidates and their families because it is very important that a woman has positive family support when she is on the road for 10/12 hours. This means a lot to the lady drivers. We conduct extensive training for 3 months which of course includes amongst others, training in skillful and efficient driving. 
The training provided to the participating women is free of charge. Recognizing our initiative the Women & Child Dept, Government of India, have sanctioned Grant to train the Women in skillful & efficient driving on a recurring basis.
Thus, taking women’s motherly and homely duties as well as their dreams and aspirations in mind, Priyadarshini Taxi Services is a step forward into a brighter future of the city.